Managing PCBA Assembly.... So You Don't Have to!

Since 1987, Wycom Corp. has been utilizing our expertise in logistics support, carving out a niche for ourselves, while providing a service for customers lacking the personnel, resources, or skills to turn their designs into finished goods.


In our early years, we were simply a BOM management company. As demand grew, we found ourselves being asked to provide additional services: PCB Manufacturing and Assembly, Purchasing, Bonded Inventory, Counterfeit Detection and Avoidance, and Integrated Display Solutions. All of these services allow our customers to spend their time and energy on what they do best: selling, marketing, and envisioning their products without the distraction of worrying over the nuts and bolts of manufacturing.

Now, in our 32nd year of business, we continue to work as hard as we did in 1987, providing complete customer satisfaction and affordable manufacturing and logistics solutions.

Whether you are a long-time customer or just beginning the process of choosing a "Total Solution" provider, we will treat you as if you are our only customer. Give us a call today, if you have a project in the works or even if it's just in the planning stages, and we will work with you to create a solid foundation that has you reaping the benefits for years to come.