We understand the unique needs and capabilities of each customer so we provide flexibility in our service offerings. By listening to what our customers want, we can determine the best way to satisfy their needs.


Inventory Management

Purchasing for production builds, while managing the associated inventory, can be a complicated and costly process. Our expertise in this area enables us to streamline the process for our customers.


For builds under our management, we maintain adequate levels of inventory to minimize or nullify supply constraints or planning issues. Customer inventory is sequestered and bonded in a dedicated location, and stock levels are managed in our facility.

Integrated Display Solutions



Most products today utilize a visual display device, typically a TFT display, and often a touch screen. In many cases, it is necessary to increase the brightness of the display or make it Anti-Glare or Anti-Reflective.

In addition to assembly and procurement services, WYCOM has the ability to produce LCD solutions and manage the components as a build for display integration.

We can accommodate your needs by supplying the LCD, Touch screen and ITO or Mesh solutions for EMI mitigation. We also can perform the optical bonding and testing.